Gallery 3
This gallery is a showcase of carol's previous commissions. If you would like one
one her highly prized paintings please feel free to e-mail her with the detail's of your personal commission.
   Commission prices start from 200 depending on subject matter and size required.
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Dog Lounging commission
Dog Montage commission
Rottweiler commission no.1
Rottweiler commission no.2
Rottweiler commission no.3
Westie commission
Dog portrait commission
Jack russell commission
Elephant charging commission
Gorilla commission
Orang-utan commission (In pastels)
Pigs commission
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Owl commission (In pastels)
Lion cub commission (In pastels)
Other Commissions
Wedding bouquet (Yellow Roses) commission
 House commission
Baby portrait commission
Mother and child portrait (In pastels)
Baby in tree portrait
Wedding Commission no.1.
Wedding Commission no.2
Wedding Commission no.3
Bridesmaid portrait
Kayaking commission no.1
Kayaking commission no.2
Motor bike commission no.1
Motor bike commission no.2
Motor bike commission no.3
Skydive commission
Golf commission
Yacht commission
Contemporary Art,
Original Paintings & Commissions

This gallery is a showcase of carol's previous work. The price for carol's commissions depends on size and requirements but start from 200. Any subject matter is possible. Please go to the contact page and send an e-mail with your inquiry and carol will get back to you as soon as possible with a price.
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